Cloudflare Analytics VS Google Analytics

Google Analytics and other web-based analytics programs track visitors that trigger JavaScript. As a result, threats, bots and automated crawlers are not recorded since these visitors typically do not trigger JavaScript. These services also don't track visitors who leave a page before it is fully loaded or have Javascript disabled. CloudFlare tracks all of your traffic by requests, so your CloudFlare visitor number is most likely higher.

Keep in mind: CloudFlare can only track visitors that go through the CloudFlare system, which is represented by an orange cloud on your DNS settings page.Cloudflare analytics "are often more accurate than other services that rely on JavaScript." we are able this way to gather real traffic figures that account for every request of content form your website. 


If you want to analyze your customers’ visits you may consider using Google Analytics instead and ignore all other requests coming from the web.  

As a hosting company we account for all traffic as this is the real requests recorded that generate load on your server and consumes your bandwidth. 

So Who Is Right?

We are 100% confident in the hits and unique visitors numbers on CloudFlare and we have the raw logs to back them up. 

We're shakier on the page view numbers. While we follow the industry standard, that is flimsy in the modern web world. If what you care about is how many ads you're serving, you likely should stick with what is being reported from Google Analytics or another beacon-based service. 

If you want to know about the load on your server, CloudFlare is great at reporting that. In other words, there's a place for Google Analytics and there's a place for CloudFlare. That's part of the reason that the first CloudFlare App we integrated with Google Analytics. Together, the two services both help you get a better understanding of who or what is coming to your site, what resources they're consume, and how you can best monetize that traffic.

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