How to Migrate huge WordPress Sites to JungleWP

Create an empty website for manual install or migration

Let's create an empty space so you can manually install your website onto your server using SFTP.

  1. After you create a Pod User click Create Website in your Control Panel under "Website Management" > "Create website". 

  2. Give your website a friendly unique name and enter your site's domain just like in the screen below. 
  3. Select "empty" from the "Frameworks" selection field.
  4. You may also select the Pod User (System User) you want to run this website. 
  5. Select the PHP version and the Pod you want this app to be on.

    (For increased performance and security always select the latest PHP versions)

  6. Before we can start transferring your existing site, we highly advise that you create a database, You will find the related article bellow this page to learn more about this step. Note that this step is only recommended for "empty" sites.
  7. Now before we can move on go to the WordPress you want to migrate and install the Duplicator Plugin and create a new package following the instructions on screen.
  8. When ready, make sure to connect trough SSH into your Pod. In this example we will use Snowflake SSH client (A modern SSH client with built in gui tools for easily managing Pods on JungleWP).
    At JungleWP we love using Snowflake because it is easy and it runs on Linux and Windows. Snowflake has been tested with Ubuntu server, CentOS, RHEL, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and HP-UX. More information can be found on GitHub
  9. Click on New connection, then fill the window with your Pod user credentials:Host is your POD IP address that you can find in your Pods view.
    Port is always 22
    User is your Pod Username.
    Password is the password attributed to your Pod user.
  10. After you're connected click on Terminal in the sidebar menu.
  11. In your terminal you need to cd to your website root folder by typing the command (replace websitename with the name you have defined when spinning up your website) :

    cd ~/apps/websitename/public
  12. In the site you want to migrate click on Packages on the Duplicator sub menu menu in your WordPress Dashboard
  13. Right click the Archive button from the context menu.
  14. Click on Inspect
  15. Your browser Code inspector should display the following code snippet:
  16. Right click on the code snippet and choose Edit as HTML
  17. Select and copy the complete URL starting from http to .zip and make sure you are not selecting the quotes '
  18. Go back to your terminal (Snowflake) and use the command below starting with curl -o thename of your package's archive followed by a space and the URL you have copied in the step above :
    curl -o
  19. Wait for the archive to finish downloading
  20. Then click on the Files tab on the sidebar menu and upload the installer.php that you can download from Duplicator

  21. Before we can start using duplicator, make sure to point your Domain name to your pod .
    If the domain have finished propagating correctly you should be able to access your migration interface by browsing http(s)://

Note Make sure to activate and force SSL on your website  if you receive any ssl/https error. If you can't add ssl for some reasons, make sure to edit your DNS A record, you will need to switch the toggle Proxied to off. 



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