What is SSH

In some of our advanced tutorials, you'll notice we ask you to SSH in to your server.

SSH, or secure shell, is a process of using the command line to securely access your cloud server and manually enter commands to edit its files and folders.

SSH commands are secured in many ways. For example, both ends of the client-server connection use public key cryptography for connection and authentication through digital certificates and encrypted passwords.

SFTP, short for SSH file transfer protocol, gives you the security of SSH but with a graphical interface, so you can manage the files on your server similar to the way you use Windows File Explorer or MacOS Finder.

How Do I SSH in to My Server?

Most of the time you will be using SSH as the Pod user your website belongs to.

To SSH in to your server, first open a terminal and enter the following command, where is your server's IP address and SYSUSER is the name of the system user your app belongs to:

ssh [email protected]

Press Enter.

Then, type in the password for your system user.

You are now SSH'd in to your server and can navigate and edit your server through the command line.

Since Microsoft Windows does not come with a built-in SSH client from the terminal, Windows users must install PuTTy to SSH in to their servers.

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