Modernising your WordPress Hosting

If you intend to run a large blog, e-commerce or a network site, then you're probably also obsessed with having the best experience possible for your visitors, you would know the feeling and urge of seeking the fastest wordpress stack possible.

Technology keeps evolving so should you. We know you do your best best to keep up, but maybe it's about the time to stop trying DYI  “Doing Yourself In” solutions that will end draining all your energy, money and time...  and start trusting Experts?

WordPress is made up of a stack (wordpress execution life cycle) and it runs on a server which has its own stack layer. Cumulatively they form the whole “how fast wordpress can deliver” experience.

It is very important to optimise and use the best in class tools and software in each stack.

An important concept that successful folks always keep in mind is: “leverage whenever possible, don’t reinvent the wheel”.
Here at JungleWP, we believe in that philosophy, we know that on-premise hardware is becoming obsolete. Our hardware infrastructure are the exact SAME cloud infrastructures that Enterprise Giants use, that's why we partnered up with Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, Microsoft etc...

Why investing in the best in class technology, and support?

Because we share the same vision and business commitments. " We don't sacrifice performance or security, we design and develop the best experiences that make people's lives easy". Excellence is key to our client's success.
Because we believe success stories that start with delivering a tailored solution for our client's challenges and supporting them, their partners and their teams with a single flexible digital experience platform, that works to bring value to their business and end users.
We do all that because we want our clients to have the time to focus on what they love the most.
That's why when you choose a solution for your e-commerce, Business website or WAAS, your business longevity and your peace of mind should be paramount.

E-commerce, Network sites, or just a large site?

Here are both some non technical and technical questions you should ask your hosting before committing with them:
  • Are they available & ready-to-fix when anything fails or there’s any issue or major WordPress update?
  • Are they periodically doing site maintenance as well to keep everything in shape (verified updates, database optimization, site's cleaning such as spam removal, bloats etc...)?
  • What's their Service level agreement (SLA)? 
  • Can they help with performance optimization?
  • Do they use dedicated WordPress on-premise or cloud security technology (Web application Firewall, Site hardening, Vulnerabilities check, Antivirus check, Deep learning Firewall rules)
  • Do they provide dedicated IP address (Real Dedicated servers come with unique IP addresses)
  • Can they Provide floating IP (good to add an additional layer of protection or switch between redundant installations when high availability is a must)
  • Can you scale with them ?

About the stack or Modern WordPress requirements:

" Because the web have a hunger for staying abreast with technology"
  • Do they provide updated PHP versions (from 7.3 onward is the best for WordPress)?
  • Do they Provide PHP-FPM comes with many performance advantages?
  • Do they support CloudFlare as a server module?
    Advice: (While everyone is fan of Google CDNS... you should consider using Cloudflare or both. Cloudflare is good for your SEO and doesn't rewrite your urls plus it does an excellent job at cashing your site and delivering it content close to your users geographic location)

    In short you're after a CDN solution tailored for WordPress that doesn't rewrite your site links if you intend sharing your content on social medias or just ranking in search engines.
  • Do they Support Nginx as a proxy with updated rules for WooCommerce, Network Sites, BuddyPress and major cache plugins?
  • Do they use Apache only for the PHP requests? (best for performance)
  • Do they support HTTP2 and Google Brotli compression
  • Do they Use MysQL for database? (More robust for large applications)
  • Do they offer Page caching mechanisms ? (Varnish Nginx caching)
  • Do they offer WordPress object caching? You're looking for solutions like (Elasticache, Redis)
  • Can you extend your hard drive space?
  • Do they offer individual sites and subsites Backups?
  • Do they offer disaster recovery?
  • Do they throttle your bandwidth?
  • What email system do they use SMTP or cloud services, do they throttle your site notifications (password resets, orders notifications etc...)?
  • Do they offer premium caching solutions such as WP-Rocket?

Ideally none of these should be configured or installed by you. Otherwise what's the point of being a Managed WordPress hosting?


To be honest, none of these questions are exhaustive, we can spend many hours going through the ins and out of what is best for your site, but one thing is sure your hosting company should ask you first what you intend to do and provide some relevant advice and recommendations to match you with the best solution.

That's what we do with all our clients, they are never left on their own to struggle with things that are in our realm of expertise.

If you want to learn more about modern WordPress stacks check this out:

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