How backup works

Introducing TimePod

TimePod is a smart and advanced WordPress backup solution for smart business owners and E-commerce sites that you will love too!

Test your changes before making them live

When you run a critical website for your business, you cannot afford breaking your site. That's why you can now test changes or updates in the Staging site before going live.

Backup as you make changes

Every change that happens on your website is backed up immediately. This means that your backup is always up-to-date, automatically. 

Update with peace of mind that your site is backed up

Your website is backed up every time an update is applied. In case an update breaks your site, a quick restore is just a click away.

Protect your site from bots and virus

In the inevitable scenario of a virus, all you have to do is to restore the website to a point back in time, with a single click of a button.

JungleWP is Disaster-ready

Protect your website from a variety of factors like human errors, hacks or malware infections. No matter what the danger, rest assured, knowing we got your back.


A painless backup built for you that just works

Light & Fast
With no heavy zip files or multiple copies of the same files involved, the load on your server is not much higher than a visitor’s website visit. Your visitors and Google will love it!
All files and the database are stored with a 365 restore slots in our cloud app account on Amazon S3. Your data is  safe from corruption or loss.

Our backups come in 2 flavors:

  • Daily - for blogs or corporate websites.
  • Real time - for online stores, membership sites or  and site under active development.

If you remove your website from JungleWP, backups will be removed after 7 days. If you re-add your website within these 7 days, your backups will still be available. If you need to store backups on your own cloud ask us to activate the option to upload them to your 3rd party storage DropBox, Google Drive or Amazon S3.

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