How do I stage my WordPress site

  • Click on Staging under the TimePod Menu. On the Staging area, you will see an option Start Staging.

  • When you staging is done, you will be granted the possibility to access or delete your staging :

  • In future, if you want to replicate the changes on your live site to the staging site, click on Copy site from live to stage by going to the Staging submenu.

  • Clicking on Copy site from live to stage will show the below pop-up. Click on Yes, COPY and the live site will again be copied to the staging site.

Note:  If you want to disable login check for all the staging sites you can simply uncheck disable admin login under Settings -> Staging.

Once the staging site is created, login to your Staging WordPress site dashboard and go to Settings -> Permalink.

Here make sure that the settings of your permalink are set up correctly.

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