Getting Started with: Domain Syncing in WP Ultimo

Configuring automatic domain syncing with JungleWP®

WP Ultimo works automatically with JungleWP® there is no additional or complex set-up required. This tutorial will go over the necessary steps to activate this integration on your WP Ultimo network install.

First, you’ll need to request your API Keys for your WordPress installation running on JungleWP® shortly after automatically deploying a fresh WordPress site by reaching out to our support team.

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JungleWP offers you peace of mind that our support will help you set up your WordPress installation. Remember we are just one email away from you.

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Before you can get started, we encourage you to read How to Get Started with Domain Mapping in WP Ultimo.

  1. Next, you will need to install and activate on your network our JungleWP Ultimo integration.
  2. In your Network Admin menu, click on Dashboard 
  3. In your Network  dashboard, under the Settings Submenu, click on JungleWP Ultimo
  4. In JungleWP Ultimo Settings fill in the information provided by our support team.

    1- Client ID
    2- API Key
    3- Website ID

You’re all set!

Now, every time a new domain is mapped in the network  and when a new subdomain site is added (via the Aliases tab by the network admin or via the custom domain meta-box on the user’s Account page) they will be sent to JungleWP's website domains automatically, with support to autoSSL.

The same is true for domain removals. Every time a domain is deleted from the network, that change will be reflected on your JungleWP's Website panel instantly.

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