• Verified updates of plugins and themes.
  • Incremental backups of the WordPress installation.
  • Optimization of WordPress performances.
  • Securing the WordPress environment.
  • Management of technical infrastructure.
  • Technical support regarding the server infrastructure, JungleWP service availability.
  • Technical Audit.

Outside the scope of interventions:

JungleWP does not intervene except agreement and validation by the customer. Intervention will come as soon as the service is paid.

  • Support applications such as your sales funnels (ClickFunnels, Learnybox, Pushcrew, UPviral, etc ...)
  • Traffic monitoring / management
  • Load testing / Load mitigation (unless agreed on)
  • Additions / content creation.
  • Strategic choices of WordPress solutions.
  • Specific developments.
  • Installing plugins and themes.
  • SEO monitoring.
  • SEO service.
  • support of plugins and installed themes.
  • Managing your website's backups
  • Replacing your webmaster
  • Code intervention or custom development
  • Auditing, and managing your codebase, custom plugins or themes
  • Support and maintenance of non-WordPress sites.
  • Support on non-standard WordPress solutions integrated by the client or his technical referents.
  • Migrating your emails from an other provider.
  • Creating backups of your emails.
  • Replacing your organization IT team.
  • Managing your personal or organization sensitive data such as emails per example.
  • Setting your email account on your organization or personal email clients.
  • Any extra expertise of your WordPress website that is outside the scope of our services such as (plugins, and themes or application debugging, tailored Security, team and workflow Management etc...) .

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