Upon server Pod (servers) switches by JungleWP we create a temporary snapshot (image of the server) that last 6 days when the server is taken out of service that we can use to get back everything to normal or perform data recovery.

Each JungleWP Premium Care Plan unlike our Essential Plans comes with Daily or real-time site backups on top of server side weekly backups that allow for quick data recovery by our clients.

In some exceptional circumstances such as if your website is down or your database is down, our team can help you restore your website to a working state to allow you to perform a full website restore from your WordPress admin dashboard. For more critical situations you will also be provided with the choice to choose a weekly server snapshot to restore your Pod back to a specific state.

These offsite daily or real-time backups will not work when switching between multiple servers as they are not intended for site migration, their purpose is to be able to restore data quickly on the same sever.

If no recovery request is done before the 6 th day of this temporary data retention the snapshot is permanently deleted.

If the client owns multiple servers for the same site and is willing to switch or roll back to one of the servers they own, it’s up to them to either proceed to save their work and export a safe local backup of their site ahead of server switch. In case the client have no technical background they can request JungleWP’s support to help specify and migrate important content instead of just rolling back. Our support team is not in charge of content creation on our client’s sites.

JungleWP is not responsible of clients or their third parties WordPress workflow, we don’t tell your experts how to work on your sites, they are supposed to have the technical background to know how to export WordPress posts, articles and comments.

Recommended WordPress workflow by WordPress professionals :. 

Especially if they are working on live production sites even though no professional will recommend making changes on production sites especially in the middle of sales operations.

  • For this purpose multiple solutions exists, WordPress professionals can use local WordPress environments or online tests/staging environments to make changes then import their work in their production site.
  • WordPress professionals use CI/CD tools and content versioning such as Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab to be able to safeguard their work and make deployments in test and production environments easy.
    Your JungleWP Pods (servers) are compatible with Git versioning to allow database and files control with the power of Git.
  • WordPess professionals have backup policy implemented in their workflow to avoid their clients data loss.

As a hosting company JungleWP is responsible for fail-over data-recovery server crashes data-recovery, but do not cover clients Workflow and lack of backup policies by third party teams.

What happens to the data when a client asks for an account cancellation:

  • When the client cancel his services, JungleWP creates a temporary snapshot (image of the server) that last 6 days this snapshot can be only used to recover the destroyed server instance within 6 days after the server is destroyed.
  • 24 hours Before switching off all services the client will receive an email to inform them that we have switched off all our Care services. The client will be responsible for using his own backup solution to export locally the latest version of their site.
  • In case the client have no technical experience with WordPress they can request assistance in providing them with a simple solution courtesy of JungleWP  to download their site on their local computer.
  • In case of complex WordPress website JungleWP will recommend experts intervention to be able save your site.

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