Manage your account

Manage Your JungleWP Tribes  account settings through the browser, desktop, and mobile apps.

Access account settings

To access and manage your JungleWP Tribes  account on a server:

Log in to the server with your username and password. Click your profile picture and select My Account.

Account settings changed on a single server do not change settings on a different server.

You can change the following account settings:

  • Preferences
  • Localization
  • Set the language to use for the JungleWP Tribes user interface.
  • Messages

Enable or disable all desktop notifications, test desktop notifications, and configure:

  • The global notification duration in seconds
  • Enter key behaviour:
    • Normal mode (send with Enter)
  • Alternative mode (send with Enter + Ctrl/Alt/Shift/CMD)
  • Desktop mode (only sends with Enter on desktop)
  • View mode
    • Normal: The default spacing between messages
    • Cozy: More space between messages (less on the screen)
    • Compact: Less space between messages (more on the screen)
  • Offline Email Notifications
    • Disabled
    • Every Mention/Direct Message
  • As well as enable or disable the following preferences:
    • Unread Tray Icon Alert: Toggles if the tray icon highlights when you have unread messages
    • __Use Emojis: Toggles emojis in messages
    • Convert ASCII to Emoji: Toggles emoji conversion when inputting ASCII characters
    • Auto Load Images: Disables clicking on images to preview them
    • Save Mobile Bandwidth: Saves mobile data when the app is open
    • Collapse embedded media by default: Toggles if messages with files collapse by default
    • Unread Rooms Mode: Creates a new section on the channel list with all channels with unread messages
    • Hide usernames: Hides usernames on the channels, showing only the users avatars
    • Hide roles: Hides role tags from users
    • Hide right sidebar with click: Automatically closes the right sidebar when clicked.
    • Hide Avatars: Hides avatars on the channels, showing only the users' usernames
    • Group by Type:: Groups your channels by Type or merge them in a single list


    Specify a comma-separated list of words or phrases to trigger notifications for when mentioned by anyone in public or private channels of which you are a member


    Configure audio notifications used for the following:

    • New Room
    • New Message

    Available audio notifications:

    • None
    • Beep
    • Chelle
    • Ding
    • Droplet
    • Highbell
    • Seasons


    Verify and edit the following profile information:

    • Name
    • Username
    • Email
    • Set a new password

    Upon verification of your email by the JungleWP Tribes server, a check appears alongside it.

    Should you need another verification email, select the Verify email option.

    To set or change your avatar for a JungleWP Tribes server, click on one of the images beside your current avatar. To upload a new avatar, click the Upload Avatar option.


    Enable or disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account on a JungleWP Tribes server.

    When you enable 2FA, you are required to get a key code from an app on your phone, thus increasing security when logging in.

    Note: 2FA can be turned on and off by the system admin, if you can't find this setting, please contact your system admin.

    To enable 2FA, you need to:

    • Click the Enable two-factor authentication button.
    • Use an authentication app, such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or Duo, to scan the QR code. Scanning the QR code displays a six-digit code. Enter the code into Rocket.Chat.
    • Copy your backup code somewhere safe if you need to access it in the future without the authentication app. Click Send to finish.
    • To disable the 2FA, click on Stop two-factor authentication.

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