Fast & secure WooCommerce hosting on JungleWP

Why host WooCommerce with JungleWP?

WooCommerce needs speed and security, and cloud servers offer faster speeds and better security than traditional shared hosting. Instead of managing your server on your own, let JungleWP do it for you with our automated, flexible stack that optimizes your server for a faster, smoother shopping experience.

What JungleWP Offers to WooCommerce sites?

  • New WordPress installation
  • Super-fast stack with Nginx, Apache, MySQL, and PHP-FPM
  • Free SSL certificates and HTTP/2 support
  • Automatic package updates to ensure server security and PCI compliance
  • Compatibility with our Cloudflare, Amazon, Gogle cloud CDN network
  • Works with our WordPress email delivery service right of the box, no need to subscribe to additional services
  • Expert support with extensive assistance from our Friends from WooCommerce and WordPress community.

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