Getting Started with JungleWP

Premium WordPress Care

JungleWP is a fully managed WordPress care and hosting provider. This means We take care of all your time consuming needs regarding your website health, speed and security. We run our services on top-notch technology and provide you with a Human support. Our support engineers have over 10 years of experience working with WordPress at a professional level. Our number one priority is to provide a fast Human  Support instead of a confusing technical documentation or scripted responses.

Peace of mind

JungleWP is the best solution for those seeking for peace of mind, You will spend less time worrying about your WordPress site and more time being a super hero to your clients, and growing your online business. JungleWP's expertise and dedication ensures the continued success of your business online presence. Whether you have to update your plugins and need to do it safely, or need to keep your e-commerce site up and running under huge traffic spikes, JungleWP's got you covered with the best solutions for WordPress.

Happiness support engineers with teaching skills

When you read traditional support answers from tech professionals, you quickly realize that the person replying is trying to share with you everything that’s in their head in hope that one of the suggestions may work for you. That’s because they’re not educators. They’re just expert users of the software. The difference at JungleWP is that the entire team behind it have a heavy coaching background. We are focused on making sure that you can learn from our solutions. And to that end, Our support interaction have a completely different experience, one that we crafted for your appreciation.

How JungleWP Works

JungleWP is a cloud service that makes it easy to host WordPress websites. You can think of JungleWP as a modern, centralized hosting service where instead of dealing with a control panel, you're getting a Human Support. JungleWP provides dedicated Cloud servers running on the latest technology that our Industry Partners have to offer. We always aim for the best performances for WordPress.

Humancentric Approach

One other thing that our clients are free off is the hassle of having to interact with a web panel. We don't throw our users to a technical dashboard. When we setup a website, it is setup for production there is no need to go through extra technical steps. We are optimization obsessive. Instead what you get is a unified dashboard that lists your Pods (servers), that allows you to receive monthly detailed site analytics, that gives you access to video tutorials to learn WordPress, and Interact with the happiness support engineers for requesting the things you need.

For those of you coming from Cpanel  or Plesk, you'll have access to similar tools you're used to but with a fresh and easy approach. PhpMyAdmin, Ari, Logs, SFTP. But don't forget We are here to do the nitty-gritty work, and save you valuable time that you can choose to spend on other things. 

How WordPress Migrations Work

All our plans include one or more free migrations. After signing up our WordPress experts will provide a hands-off migration. We'll get in touch to discuss the details, and schedule a migration that works best with your schedule. You'll receive a notification from your dedicated support engineer that highlights your migration status. You can also track the status in our JungleWP's Manager app.

We want to avoid you breaking your site as migrating yourself larger and complex WordPress sites can result in data loss if you don't feel comfortable with WordPress migrations. It is definitely much safer to let our WordPress experts take care of migrating your WordPress site on JungleWP. Your website won't experience any downtime time and we'll inspect your migrated site prior to going live.

Example: Our Support engineers have very user-friendly but sophisticated in-house technical tools to deploy your WordPress Pods (servers)  this takes us less than 2 minutes.

What JungleWP Does

  • Software Installation – JungleWP installs all of the software your server needs, including PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Apache.
  • Firewall Configuration – JungleWP secures your server with an iptables firewall.
  • Automatic Updates – JungleWP keeps your server's packages updated.
  • Human Experts – JungleWP's support team make it easy to host your sites, manage databases, setup your domain name (DNS), change PHP versions, deploy SSL, and more.
  • AutoSSL – With AutoSSL, JungleWP enables free SSL certificates for your sites' domains.
  • Stats and Monitoring – JungleWP provides stats and monitoring for your servers and WordPress sites.
  • Professional PHP and WordPress Hosting – JungleWP Start Care plans provide everything you need for secure, reliable hosting on your server. Our other Premium plans offer additional features that may be helpful to you as your business grows.

Example: can you beat installing functional WordPress site in this takes less than a second ?

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