Use your JungleWP email account from within Gmail

JungleWP's  webmail is fairly simple. While continuously developed and improved, our webmail is not intended to provide all the functionalities found in other web clients such as GMail.

However, if one wishes to keep the GMail's powerful interface but at the same time use own domains there is a simple solution from within GMail itself.


Open  GMail Settings page by clicking on the gear icon on the left side above your messages, and then from the dropdown Settings.

Now, open the tab of  Accounts and Import.

In the list of options, find the section  Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) and click on the link on the right to add a POP3 mail account you own.

GMail will now open its wizzard for setting up a POP3 connection. The process is straight forward, but there are a few things one must pay attention to.

Add your JungleWP hosted email address you wish to receive in GMail.

**IMPORTANT**: When you enter values into the wizzard's fields, ensure you do not have whitespaces around your inputs, as GMail is not stripping them, causing connection failures.

For username, make sure you enter the full email address of your JungleWP hosted mailbox.

JungleWP's IMAP server supports also the POP protocol, so for the POP server, enter the following:

  • POP Server on port 995

In the options given below the POP server input, make sure  Always use a secure connection (SSL) is checked. The rest of the options may be modified according to your own needs.

Press the  Next button and you will be able to setup sending from the JungleWP servers.

Choose  Yes and press Next again for the SMTP settings.

These are the standard SMTP settings of JungleWP. Make sure you enter your full email address as username. For the SMTP server, enter the following:

  • SMTP Server on port 587

The option  Secured connection using TLS (recommended) must be selected.

Congratulations! Your GMail is now configured as web client for your JungleWP hosted mailbox, alongside your own GMail inbox.

From now on when composing messages, GMail will offer a choice of the  From address.

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