How to Use Wildcard Subdomains

If you have a site that uses an ever-increasing number of subdomains, such as WordPress Multisite, JungleWP makes it easy to add a wildcard subdomain to your app so that requests for any subdomain will work for your website. Prior to his guide you will need to read the following:

When you're done installing your multisite, click List Websites

Then click on the Update button to edit your website's settings.

Then, enter a wildcard subdomain into your app's Domains field, using the standard asterisk ( *) format:


If you want a browser to be able to get to your site no matter what subdomain they requested (www.yourdomain.tld or even anyname.yourdomain.tld) without having set up specific directories or symlinks for those requests in advance, then you can use a catch-all subdomain to redirect their request for a non-existent, mistyped or random subdomain to a valid page on your website.

NOTE: A wildcard DNS record does not cover a root domain (e.g., yourdomain.tld), thus you will need to create a record for @ host additionally if needed. Also, if a separate subdomain is created, it has a higher priority than wildcard.

All requests for your subdomains will now work for your app.

Make sure to configure your DNS with a wildcard subdomain pointing to your server.
Click on  Zone Management, then List Zone

Then Click on DNS Management

Finally add your wildcard domain by adding a simple star *

Please note that AutoSSL certificates can't include wildcard domains. That's why we recommend purchasing a separate Wildcard SSL certificate that will be used to secure your multi-sites subdomains.

If you're building a WAAS with multisite you may be interested into allowing your clients to use their custom domains with full AutoSSL  support by adding their domain to your Domain Zone:

Add a CNAME DNS record that points their custom domain to the newly created subsite:

And make sure that the record is proxied:

Now Click Pod Info

Click Update

And switch Deny Unknown Domains off

What happens next is that whenever you browse you will see our subsite:

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