I) Project Analytics

Each project have an analytics section. Depending on how you are using Project Boards, you can see those reports:

User Repartition

This pie chart show the number of open tasks assigned per user.

Task Distribution

This pie chart gives an overview of the number of open tasks per column.

Cumulative Flow Diagram

  • This chart shows the number of tasks cumulatively for each column over the time.
  • The legend order is the same as the stack in the chart.
  • The color of each column is determined automatically.
  • Every day, the number of tasks is recorded for each column.
  • If you would like to exclude closed tasks, change the global project settings.

Note: You need to have at least two days of data to see the graph.

Burn Down Chart

The burn down chart is available for each project.

  • This chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time.
  • Project Boards use the complexity or story point to generate this diagram.
  • Everyday, the sum of the story points for each column is calculated.

Average Time Spent Into Each Column

This chart shows the average time spent into each column for the last 1000 tasks.

  • Project Boards uses the task transitions to calculate the data.
  • The time spent is calculated until the task is closed.

Average Lead and Cycle time

This chart show the average lead and cycle time for the last 1000 tasks over time.

  • The lead time is the time between the task creation and the date of completion.
  • The cycle time is time between the specified start date of the task to the completion date.
  • If the task is not closed, the current time is used instead of the date of completion.

Those metrics are calculated and recorded every day for the whole project.

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