F) Subtasks

Subtasks are useful to split the work of a task.

Each subtask:

  • Can be assigned to a project member
  • Have 3 different statuses: TodoIn progressDone
  • Have time tracking information: time spent and time estimated
  • Be ordered by position

Creating Subtasks

From the task view, on left sidebar in the Task view or from the Task menu click on Add a subtask.

Task menu:

Task view:

You can also add a subtask quickly by entering only the title:

Changing Subtask Status

When you click on the subtask title the status change:

The icon before the title is updated according to the status.

Note: When the task is closed, all subtasks are changed to the status Done.

Subtask Timer

  • Each time a subtask is in progress, the timer is also started. The timer can be started and stopped at any time.
  • The timer records the time spent on the subtask automatically. You can also change manually the value of the time spent field when you edit a subtask.
  • The time calculated is rounded to the nearest quarter. This information is recorded in a separate table.
  • The task time spent and time estimated is updated automatically according to the sum of all subtasks.

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