How can I start mailing

Your JungleWP's mailbox is fast and easy-to-use thanks to a webmail front-end. Yet minimalist JungleWP's webmail delivers all the features users would expect.

You can start using your webmail with the credentials we already sent you.  If you need help finding your credentials, we are one mail away, let us know so we can reset your credentials for you.

Please note that we offer transactional emails with 100% guaranteed deliverability for your WordPress site, and minimal email hosting for your site in case you don't have already an email address for your site
But we don't offer personal or business email accounts in our plans since we fully commit your server resources to WordPress hosting. Instead we always recommend Microsoft Office 365, one of the world’s best email services for Professional and individuals, since it has a lot of features for a great price and allows you to use your own domain name. Please check this page to know more about our Emails solutions .

Setup Mozilla Thunderbird Auto-config

If you commonly use Mozilla Thunderbird as your preferred email client, Thunderbird will automatically detect your mailbox configuration for a given email address when adding a new account. With it, your domain's email users do not have to enter the manual configuration of IMAP and SMTP server.

Default Mailbox Configuration

Simple setup.

If you ever need to know the right configuration for your mailboxes and want to use any other email client, they are also here.

Incoming Mail / IMAP

IMAP is the most commonly used protocol for receiving mail. Instead of downloading messages, it syncs the email clients with the server. So all emails are stored centrally on the email server. This makes it optimal when accesing the mailbox using multiple devices. When in doubt, choose IMAP.

IMAP Server Port Connection Security 993 SSL/TLS

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

SMTP takes care of delivering outgoing messages. Note the STARTTLS value for connection security instead of SSL/TLS.

SMTP Server Port Connection Security 587 STARTTLS

Incoming Mail / POP3

POP3 is the old-fashioned protocol for receiving messages by simulating physical mail. Once downloaded by the email client, messages are typically deleted from the remote server. POP3 by design has no support for folders or mail syncing. If using only one device to access the mailbox, POP3 could be a good choice. Otherwise, we recommend using IMAP (above).Note that the POP3 is served via the same server as IMAP but through a different port.

POP3 Server Port Connection Security 995 SSL/TLS

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